Coro Capital

  A firm’s income statement may be likened to a bikini – what it reveals is interesting, but what it conceals is vital.
- Burton G. Malkiel in A Random Walk Down Wall Street -
CoroCapital at a glance

CoroCapital (Pty) Limited (CoroCapital) (Registration No. 2018/040863/07) is a private South African based investment house. It invests in a wide range of asset classes across all sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, mining, mining services and technology. CoroCapital focuses primarily on South African investment opportunities.

CoroCapital is independently owned and is managed by our team of investment professionals.

With over 18 years of successful investing experience, our strategy has consistently proved itself across a range of economic and market cycles.

Our private equity investment activities are focused on small to medium businesses in South Africa and selectively in Africa. Our in house trading activities are predominantly domestically focused.



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